Geophysical Services Company has highly trained and experienced local and international consultants with over 25 years of field experience in order to continuously improve and maintain high quality services for our clients worldwide.


We are providing International services and Seismic Project Management includes 2D & 3D seismic processing, QC, field QC supervision for land, marine (Shallow & Deep), transition areas, and OBC.


The Work history examples are:

  • Energean Oil & Gas Company used geophysical Services Consultancy for fixing the work done by Petro-Trace on their West Komombo 2D Land project on June 2016, and the results becomes very good.
  • NOSPCO & Tri-Ocean companies selected Geophysical Services Company for client presentative in their 3D Shallow Marine project TAO & KAMOSE that started with PGS on March 2017 to deliver the acquisition and the p-up SEGY data to the processing on April 2017 running by Western Geco. now to follow the data processing in time & depth work as well as some Gravity & Magnetics study, plan to complete all work by Nov. 2017.


  • GPC selected Geophysical Services company on July-2017, General Petroleum Company (GPC) selected Geophysical Services company for testing a 3D Cube about 100 Km2 on ABU SENNAN 3D survey which one of their recent 3D Land project on the western desert, and confidentiality agreement assigned for that purpose of work, where it has an extensive study on development wells at this area that comes to the bottle nick on August 2017.  GS, delivered the 3D test cube late August 2017, and GPC appreciated the work done by Geophysical Services and a certificate for work experience has been provided by GPC based on the signed confidentiality agreement.


  • GeoEnergy Company asked Geophysical Services company to process 2 Test lines from Pakistan 2D new acquisition on October and we completed them on November with a very good results.
  • Al-Alamein, Tharwa and GPC are selected Geophysical Services company on Nov.-2018  to perform the client presentative assignments on their data processing the currently processed by Western Geco. to follow the data processing in time & depth work of  the western desert Yidma & Hamra 3D survey, the project expected to be complete by end of April.
  •  February 2019, GHP asked geophysical services to help in mapping the navigation of West Gabel El Zeit Block, (North Zeit Bay 3D-Onshore 2003 & Zeit Bay 3D-Offshore 1998) for obtaining the Field Tapes Coverage for both surveys from the Information center to prepare for later re-processing job, and GS did a good job to achieve that purpose for GHP.
  •  May 2019, GHP requested to reprocess 5 key lines from different 2D vintages of old acquisitions to improve the structure and fault definition as well as the continuity requested for better interpretation view, and geophysical services company did an excellent job for GHP and GHP very satisfied with the product.
  • Offshore Shukheir Oil Co. (OSOCO) selected Geophysical Services company on January 2020 as consultant for the re-processing of  Shukeir Bay 3D OBC that currently processed by Petrotrace Co. and follow the data processing in time & depth work, the project expected to be complete by end of September 2020.




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About Company

Geophysical services provides an integrated suite of Geoscience solutions to the global oil and gas industry including high-resolution Reservoir, multi-component seismic data processing & acquisition, Multi Client data library products, data analysis, and interpretation services...more

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