Courses has been done so far:

  • For Qarun stuff, Bore Hole Imaging Course (twice for more stuff), on January 2017
  • For Qarun stuff, Petro-Physics, fundamentals, on March 2017
  • For Qarun stuff, Petro-Physics, Advanced, on May 2017
  • For Gupco stuff, Seismic Imaging, on May 2017
  • For GPC stuff, Exploration Concepts and Structural Trap Model, on May 2017
  • For GPC stuff, Sequence Stratigraphy In Classic Reservoir, On May 2017
  • For GPC stuff, Foraminifera, On Nov 2017
  • For GPC stuff, Dipmeter, On Apr 2018

Courses planned and agreed:

  • For Gupco stuff, Practical Depth Conversion

Data processing Courses including:

       o   Basic Processing Sequence

 o   Advanced processing Sequence

Geological and Geophysical Courses including:

      o   Unconventional Seismic Interpretations Using Seismic Attributes

o   Bore hole seismic

o   Microseismic for reservoir production

o   Integration reservoir characterizations

o   Principles seismic interpretations.

o   Seismic Processing for Interpreters and Others

o   seismic data acquisition and optimum survey design

o   Practical advanced 3d seismic interpretation and seismic visualization

o   Introduction  seismic interpretations

o   Data management and project administration

o   AVO and seismic inversion.

o   Introduction petrophysics and geological interpretations.

o   Depth conversion and velocity modeling

o   Geological sequences stratigraphic

o   Reservoir Analysis and Management Overview

o   Geoscience Project management system administration

o   Well logs and formation evaluation

o   Seismic reservoir characterizations.

o   Velocity modeling and depth migration.

o   Wells log and core interpretations.

o   Seismic and petrophysics integration

o   AVO  theoretical &analysis and Practical interpretations short course

o   quantitative and qualitative seismic attributes interpretation

o   seismic attributes interpretations

o   Seismic tradational and untradational exploration workshop Diploma

o   Untraditional seismic interpretation using seismic attributes cases studies.

o   Advanced well logs interpretation

o   Rock physics and petrophysic prediction from seismic.

o   Seismic sequence stratigraphic.

o   Applied Structural Geology in Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis.

o   Clastic Exploration and Reservoir Sedimentology.

o  Any other courses requested by client.

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