Geophysical services uses the state-of-the-art in interpretation software to monitor the electronic performance of the latest techniques for the complex subsurface solutions.

Geophysical services is the Egyptian agency for dGB Earth Sciences B.V. dGB is the creator of OpendTect, the world’s only open source seismic interpretation system.  OpendTect is used worldwide by thousands of open source users, thousands of academic users and hundreds of commercial users,

Geophysical Services acts as the agent for dGB Earth Sciences in Egypt, managing software sales, rentals, maintenance and support.

Contact Information

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  • 002 02 25195016 /002 02 25195016
  • 002 01227799072 –  002 01066529565-002 01000043514 – 002 01227799063
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About Company

Geophysical services provides an integrated suite of Geoscience solutions to the global oil and gas industry including high-resolution Reservoir, multi-component seismic data processing & acquisition, Multi Client data library products, data analysis, and interpretation services...more

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