Geophysical Services acts as the agent for dGB Earth Sciences in Egypt, managing software technical support (through: online, phone calls, Mails, Local visits, GS site, and any other requested suitable way) and interpretation training services for all geo-scientists levels.

-GS presented Energean Oil & Gas Company for data processing QC on the West Komombo 2D survey that has been processed in PetroTrace company on July 2016.

-GS got assigned from GPC to process a 3D test Cube (about 100Km2) on its operating Abu Sennan Concession, Western desert of Egypt, in the period of time from July 2017 to August 2017 and after they review our results they appreciated the work done by GS and sent an appreciation certificate for that, we thanks a lot GPC team.  

-GS presented NOSPCO Oil & Gas Company for the data processing QC as geophysical consultant on the Tao Kamose (about 700Km2), Time & Depth that was performed by Schlumberger Geo-solution in the period of time from April 2017 to December 2017, and NOSPCO team appreciated the work has been done by GS, We thanks a lot NOSPCO team.

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About Company

Geophysical services provides an integrated suite of Geoscience solutions to the global oil and gas industry including high-resolution Reservoir, multi-component seismic data processing & acquisition, Multi Client data library products, data analysis, and interpretation services...more

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