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Geophysical services Consulting company is a highly experienced local and international consultancy using stuff with over 30 years of experience to improve and maintain high quality services for our clients worldwide in geophysical and geological services, 


We are providing International services for Seismic Data acquisition QC, Seismic data Processing and  QC for land, marine and OBC acquisitions as well as Seismic Interpretation, as we are registered in the EGPC, Ganope and EGAS vendor lists on all these services.

We are providing the geophysical and geological training courses services using very high experienced instructors that can achieve the best course materials and course benefits, as well as a courses list can be provided at any time.

We use the state-of-the-art in interpretation software to monitor the electronic performance of the latest techniques for the complex subsurface solutions.

We are also the Egyptian agency for dGB Earth Sciences, dGB Earth Sciences B.V. is the creator of OpendTect, the world’s only open source seismic interpretation system.  OpendTect is used worldwide by thousands of open source users, thousands of academic users and hundreds of commercial users,