Geophysical Services company provides a technical geological and geophysical courses as per our client requests.

some related courses as per the below list:

Course Title

  • Seismic Imaging.
  • Subsurface Mapping.
  • Applied Techniques in Sedimentology.
  • Core Work Shop.
  • 3D Reservoir Modeling.
  • Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy.
  • Borehole Image Interpretation.
  • Advanced Petrophysics
  • Seismic Inversion.
  • Unconventional Seismic Interpretations Using Seismic Attributes.
  • Principles seismic interpretations.
  • Seismic Processing for Interpreters.
  • seismic data acquisition and optimum survey design.
  • Practical advanced 3d seismic interpretation and seismic visualization.
  • AVO and seismic inversion.
  • Introduction Petrophysics and geological interpretations.
  • Depth conversion and velocity modeling.
  • Geological sequences stratigraphy.
  • Reservoir Analysis and Management Overview.
  • Well logs and formation evaluation.
  • Seismic reservoir characterizations.
  • Wells log and core interpretations.
  • Seismic and petrophysics integration.
  • Advanced well logs interpretation
  • Rock physics and petrophysics prediction from seismic.
  • Applied Structural Geology in Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis.
  • Clastic Exploration and Reservoir Sedimentology.

Copmanies got Courses

 - 23-25th July 2016, Collected geoscientists, Seismic Inversion AVO Analysis and Interpretation course 

                               Instructor: Mohamed Shihata

- 15-19th Jan 2017, Qarun Technical Stuff, Bore Hole Imaging Interpretaion Course 

                                Instructor:  Wael Shaalan

- 22-26th Jan 2017, Qarun Managers Stuff, Bore Hole Imaging Interpretaion Course

                                Instructor:  Wael Shaalan

 - 19-26 th March 2017, Qarun Technical Stuff, Basic Petro-Physics Course 

                                Instructor:  Bassem S. Nabawy

 - 07-11th May 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Exploration Concepts and Structural Trap Model in Suez Rift Course

                                    Instructor: Shawky Sakran

 - 07-17th May 2017, Gupco Technical Stuff, Seismic Imaging (Time & depth) Course

                                Instructor:  Sayed Khalil

 - 14-18th May 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Application Of Sequence Stratigraphy In Classic                                                      Reservoir Course

                                    Instructor: Shawky Sakran

  - 21-25 th May 2017, Qarun Technical Stuff, Advanced Petro-Physics Course 

                                Instructor:  Bassem S. Nabawy

  - 19-23th Nov 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Application Of Sequence Stratigraphy In Classic                                                     Reservoir Course

                                    Instructor: Shawky Sakran

  - 19-23th Nov 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Foraminifera Course

                                    Instructor: Gamal Ammar

   - 01-05th Apr 2018, GPC Technical Stuff, Dipmeter & Image Interpretation Course

                                    Instructor: Selim Saber

  - 22-26 Aug 2021, GPC technical stuff, Basic Seismic Data Processing Analysis

                                   Instructors: Amin Hussein & Dr. Ahmed Zakariah